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Open Source MMS Gateway

Mbuni is a fully-fledged Free/Open Source Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) gateway. It includes both core network MMS switching (i.e. MMSC) capabilities as well as messaging gateway (i.e. MMSC infrastructure integration) features, and is suitable for operators and MMS VAS providers.

Mbuni implements all major MMS interfaces, including phone-to-phone (so-called MM1 interface), phone-to-email (MM3), inter-MMSC (MM4) and MMS VAS (MM7).

  • MM1: MMS User Agent - for handsets
  • MM3: External Servers - from/to email
  • MM4: Interworking of different MMS gateways
  • MM6: MMS user database
  • MM7: MMS VAS applications
  • MM8: Billing and CDR generation.

MM7 is the reference point between Value Added Service Provider (VASP) and Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC). By using the MM7 interface, third party content providers can send/receive multimedia messages between their applications and MMS-enabled mobile phones.

MM7 is a vendor-independent protocol specified by 3GPP and it is based on the concept of Web Services. The protocol uses HTTP for communication and utilizes SOAP/MIME/XML message format. Today virtually all MMSCs implement the MM7 interface. With MM7 protocol, VASP can perform the following functions:

  • Send/Receive MMS messages
  • Receive delivery and read reports
  • Replace/Cancel an earlier MMS message submission (Optional)

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