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ODB: A Omniscient Java Debugger

Omniscient Debugging is the idea of collecting “time stamps” at each “point of interest” (setting a value, making a method call, throwing/catching an exception) in a program and then allowing the programmer to use those time stamps to explore the history of that program run.


As quoted from the website, ODB is a debugger that works by collecting “time stamps” which record everything that happens in a program. A GUI is provided which allows you to navigate backwards in time to look at objects, variables, method calls, etc. It inserts code into the program’s classes as they are loaded and when the program runs, the events are recorded.

This means that you can see which values are bad, then find where those values came from, who set them and why. This also means that there are no non-deterministic problems. You don’t have to guess where the problems might be, you don’t have to set breakpoints, you don’t have to wonder which threads ran when, you don’t ever have to repeat a program run.

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