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Kettle: A Pentaho Data Integration Tool

Kettle a powerful and metadata-driven ETL tool.

As quoted from the website, Kettle is an acronym for “Kettle E.T.T.L. Environment”. This means it has been designed to help you with
your ETTL needs: the Extraction, Transformation, Transportation and Loading of data.

Kettle consists of many components.

  • Spoon is a graphical user interface that allows you to design transformations and jobs that can be run with the Kettle tools Pan and Kitchen.
  • Pan is a data transformation engine that is capable of performing a multitude of functions such as reading, manipulating and writing data to and from various data sources.
  • Kitchen is a program that can execute jobs designed by Spoon in XML or in a database repository. Usually jobs are scheduled in batch mode to be run automatically at regular intervals.

Transformations and Jobs can describe themselves using an XML file or can be put in a Kettle database repository. This information can then be read by Pan or Kitchen to execute the described steps in the transformation or run the job.

In short, Pentaho Data Integration makes data warehouses easier to build, update and maintain.

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