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Search Clustering Engine using Carrot2

Carrot2 is an Open Source Search Results Clustering Engine. It can automatically organize (cluster) search results into thematic categories.


As quoted from the website, Carrot2 provides an architecture  for acquiring search results from various sources (YahooAPI, GoogleAPI, MSN Search API, eTools Meta Search, Alexa Web Search, PubMed, OpenSearch, Lucene index, SOLR), clustering the results and visualising the clusters. Currently, 5 clustering algorithms are available that are suitable for different kinds of document clustering tasks.

It has a search clustering plugin for Nutch so that you can integrate searching, crawling and clustering in one place.

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  1. Rita | Mar 4, 2009 | Reply

    Carrot2 is open source and interesting clustering engine but my issue with this engine always have been its lack of visualization of the clusters. I am pointing to list of clustering engines which might be interesting.

    If this engine can come up with some way of defining visual cloud in effective way then there will be no stopping it.

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