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Mogwai ER Designer NG


This is another ER designer that I am currently using on one of my projects

Mogwai ER-Designer NG is a ER modeling tool like ERWin. According to the website, it

  • is based on Java and can be run on Windows and Unix systems
  • has a powerful WYSIWYG for physical database design
  • handles tables, relations, indexes and comments
  • supports subject areas
  • supports MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer and Postgres
  • creates the SQL DDL statements for schema creation
  • has an integrated schema version control system
  • can generate schema migration scripts for every change
  • stores the database definition as XML files for further processing
  • can export the database schema as GIF, BMP, JPEG or SVG files
  • has an integrated reverse engineering module for existing schemas
  • it is based on GPL license
  • support is available by authors and newsgroups

It has a SquirrelSQL and NetBeans plugin. Try it out !

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  1. David Hilton | Jun 30, 2008 | Reply

    Initially I thought this was a very austere, clunky and flakey product. I was wrong. Yes, the UI is basic and I still cant get the netbeans plugin to work BUT, the took is overall very robust, I have used it a few times and the simple UI is starting to grow on me. The DB compare and other more adance functions dont seem to work all the time but the basic product and DDL generation is great. Thanks all, a good tool, I really do hope you carry on with it and knock off a few of its rough edges.

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