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Java - Using Multiple Configuration Files in Your Application

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I have the need to use multiple configuration files in my Java application. One is a properties file, another is a XML file. This can be done easily using Apache Commons Configuration.

I created a singleton class AppConfigCactory which extends CompositeConfiguration

public class AppConfigFactory extends CompositeConfiguration {

private static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(AppConfigFactory.class);
private static AppConfigFactory instance;
private static String configFile = “config.xml”;

// Singleton initialiser
static {
instance = new AppConfigFactory(configFile);

* Constructor
* @param fileName Configuration file name.
private AppConfigFactory(String fileName) {

* Initialize the class.
* @param fileName Configuration file name.
private void init(String fileName) {
try {
ConfigurationFactory factory = new ConfigurationFactory(fileName);
Configuration config = factory.getConfiguration();
} catch (ConfigurationException configEx) {

* Singleton access method.
* @return Singleton
public static AppConfigFactory getInstance() {
return instance;

In config.xml I specified the properties and XML file that I wanted to load.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″ ?>

<properties fileName=””/>
<xml fileName=”file.xml”/>
</configuration> contains

myproperty=properties testing

file.xml contains

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″ ?>

<value>XML testing</value>

To test the code,

public static void main(String[] args){
AppConfigFactory config = AppConfigFactory.getInstance();

// From properties file

// From XML file

The output,

properties testing
XML testing

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