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Open Source Maven Repositories

These are the 2 open source maven repositories that I have tested. Of course there are some others that I may not have tested. I am quite happy with the them since they meet my requirements. If you have better ones, do let me know.



Artifactory is a Maven 2 enterprise repository with advanced features. It is based on JCR (using JackRabbit as the implementation) for artifacts storage and metadata management, with a web UI based on Wicket, and is using Jetty container for fast out-of-the-box startup.

Besides the features to create your own repositories, it has an admin tool, an AJAX GUI, and a backup facility which fulfill all my needs.



Well, with Proximity you can also create your own Maven repositories. Features wise it is almost the same as Artifactory. The only thing missing is that I do not see a backup facility.

For those using Maven daily for Java development, you should consider using either Artifactory or Proximity.

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