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The solution is not perfect, somehow I still need to deliver it !

This is the dilemma faced by me, and maybe some of us doing sofware project implementation. There are times that we know that the solution architecture is not really right, and maybe totally not suitable for the business or system requirements. However, since we are doing project and customer is the boss, we still need to find a way to deliver it, even though we know that it will have negative impact when the system is rolled out.

I have implemented quite a few projects, big, medium or small. I always need to come out the solution architecture with the customers. Most of the time they are quite reasonable and we can always work out a solution that can satisfy everyone needs. However, there are tough time when the customer is business oriented, but does not understand the technical feasibility. This is even worst if they are from a technical background, but then it is ways back into the old age of Cobol programming. Often I need to explain to them patiently. If they are stubborn, then you are doomed.

The outcome is that after project roll-out, you have to patch problems here and there, until customer agreed to relook at the solution architecture and solve problem from the base.

This is my experience of doing projects, and some rumblings 🙂

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