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Framework for .NET mobile programmer- OpenNETCF Smart Device Framework

Smart Device Framework from OpenNETCF is a very useful framework for .NET mobile programmer. It complements .NET Compact Framework in the sense that it supplies you with the missing features that are available in .NET Framework. Besides, it also comes with some of the libraries available in Microsoft Enterprise Library.

Here I showed some of the namespaces in the framework

  1. OpenNETCF.Configuration – Application configuration made easy
  2. OpenNETCF.Data.Text – Supports the reading and writing of delimited text into a System.Data.DataSet.
  3. OpenNETCF.Diagnostics – Logging and diagnostic similiar to .NET Framework
  4. OpenNETCF.Drawing – Encapsulates a GDI+ bitmap, which consists of the pixel data for a graphics image and its attributes. A BitmapEx object is an object used to work with images defined by pixel data.
  5. OpenNETCF.IO – Provides access to information on a drive, file related functionality, file system watcher, etc.
  6. OpenNETCF.Media – Provide a sound player
  7. OpenNETCF.Net – Provide network related information – SSID, signal strength, etc.
  8. OpenNETCF.Net.Ftp -FtpWebRequst, FtpWebResponse, and other ftp related functions.
  9. OpenNETCF.Net.NetworkInformation – Network information like IP, network adapter, etc.
  10. OpenNETCF.Phone – Make phone call, phone log, call type.
  11. OpenNETCF.Phone.Sim – SIM message, phone book, SIM capabilities.
  12. OpenNETCF.Phone.Sms – SMS functionalities
  13. OpenNETCF.Rss – RSS feed parser and reader

The list only cover certain features of the framework. Go and check it out !!

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