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Compiled GeoIP Database


Several years back I was programming a network utility that needs an index relating IP network numbers to network names and identities, for class A, B and C networks, I found this list compiled from the Internet.

I know that you can always use whois, or some online website to achieve the same thing. MaxMind even has a collection of GeoIP APIs that can be used. There are even companies provided IP to city/region/country mapping database. However the list here is more details as it provides the identities as well.

The list is extracted from the whois database at the Internic. As of December 22, 1997, control of IP network allocation has passed to Arin (American Register of Internet Networks). There are similar organisations for European ( and Asian-Pacific ( networks.

As an example, see below - AT&T ITS (NET-ATT) - GWV International (NETBLK-GWVTRAVEL-320 ) - National Equipment Services Inc (NETBLK-NATLEQUIP-32-128) - Kidde Fenwal (NETBLK-KF-330) - Solectron Corporation (NETBLK-SC-340) - Clean Harbors Environental Services Inc. (NETBLK-CLEANHARBORS-35-0) - Clean Harbors Environental Services Inc. (NETBLK-CLEANHARBORS-36-0) - U A M Investment Services Inc. (NETBLK-UAM-36128) - cybex (NETBLK-CYBEX-36-192) - Hill Holiday Connors (NETBLK-HILL-36-224) - Delta F Corporation (NETBLK-DELTAFC-36-240) - General Eastern Instruments (NETBLK-GEI-37-0 ) - Bostik Inc (NETBLK-BI-37128) - WorldWide Direct (NETBLK-WWDIRECT-380) - Advance Reproduction (NETBLK-ADVANCEREPRO-390) - Technology Sales Inc. (NETBLK-TSI-39128) - Wolverine Corporation (NETBLK-WOLVERINE-39192) - Uromed Corporation (NETBLK-UC-39-224) - Hurwitz group, inc. (NETBLK-HURWITZ-40-0 ) - Moldflow (NETBLK-MOLDFLOW-40128) - Clean Harbors Environental Services Inc. (NETBLK-CHESI-41-0) - Trans National Travel (NETBLK-TRANSNATIONAL-42-0) - Focus Enhancements (NETBLK-FOCUS-430) - The Berkshire Group (NETBLK-TBG-44-0) - mega Transportation Group (NETBLK-MEGATRANS-44-128) - Van Leer Metallized (NETBLK-VANLEER-44-192)

The list is not been updated for awhile but it should be still very useful.

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