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Open Source Windows Console Emulator

ConEmu-Maximus5 is a Windows console emulator with tabs, which represents multiple consoles and simple GUI applications as one customizable GUI window with various features. Basic application – joint use with Far Manager (FAR in Wikipedia). Far (File and Archive) Manager is a console program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems.


ConEmu starts a console program in hidden console window and provides an alternative customizable GUI window with various features:

  • smooth and friendly window resizing;
  • tabs for editors, viewers, panels and consoles;
  • run simple GUI apps in tabs;
  • Windows 7 Jump lists and Progress on taskbar;
  • easy run old DOS applications (games) in Windows 7 or 64bit OS;
  • thumbnails and tiles in Far Manager;
  • normal, maximized and full screen window graphic modes;
  • window font anti-aliasing: standard, clear type, disabled;
  • window fonts: family, height, width, bold, italic, etc.;
  • using normal/bold/italic fonts for different parts of console simultaneously;
  • using 24bit colors in Far Manager 3.x;
  • ANSI X3.64 and Xterm 256 colors;
  • cursor: standard console (horisontal) or GUI (vertical);
  • optional settings (e.g. pallette) for selected applications;
  • for BufferHeight mode: vertical scrolling using keyboard;
  • show full output (1K+ lines) of last command in editor/viewer;
  • customizable Far Manager right click behaviour (long click opens context menu);
  • drag and drop (explorer style) of files and folders in Far Manager;
  • BDF fonts limited support;
  • user friendly text and block selection;
  • transparency and desktop mode;
  • customizable starting tabs;
  • configurable and clickable status bar;
  • and more, and more… take a look at Settings dialog, WhatsNew and Settings.reg

All settings are read from the registry (multiple configurations are supported) and after that the command line parameters are applied. Parameters /Config and /BufferHeight are only for command line. Most of settings are changed only in the Settings dialog, not from the command line.

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